Why Should I Get an Aviation Degree?

When pursuing a career of any sort in aviation, you already have a goal in mind.

By: Rebecca Grissom & Jake Hreha

When pursuing a career of any sort in aviation, you already have a goal in mind. You know you want to thrive in the skies, but you may be wondering which opportunities will set you up for success. What will make you stand out in your field? How can you become a collected, confident aviator? With many options how do you know which degrees in aviation are right for you?

We want to help you answer those questions and equip you to achieve your dream career in the aviation industry. Getting a degree provides you with the knowledge necessary to succeed in the skies – and through IWU-National & Global, you can complete everything except your flight training 100% online.

Programs like our A.S. in Professional Pilot Studies and B.S. in Aviation Management are two great opportunities that will set you on the path to career advancement. Here’s why pursuing a degree in aviation might be the best option for you:

You'll Graduate with FAA Certifications.

Upon completion of either of IWU-National & Global's aviation programs, students graduate with both a degree from a nationally accredited university and various certifications in the aviation field, including:

  • FAA Commercial Certificate with a Single or Multi-Engine Land Class Rating
  • FAA Instrument Rating
  • FAA Certified Flight Instructor

If you already have certifications and ratings, you could be eligible to transfer up to 27 credits toward your associate degree or your bachelor’s degree at IWU. Your degree and certifications will prepare you for a career as:

  • Entry-level regional airline or corporate pilot
  • Banner tow pilot, survey pilot, or crop duster pilot
  • Airport manager or operations manager
  • Flight instructor

(Student talks with a flight instructor.)

You’ll Learn Online and in the Skies.

As a student at IWU-N&G, you have the opportunity to begin flight training early in the program to build experience and flight hours – which means you can start earning an income as a flight instructor before you graduate. At the same time, your online coursework will prepare you with practical knowledge about aircraft design, engineering, safety, aviation law, aerodynamics, physics, and meteorology.

Further Degrees in Aviation

With additional education or flight experience there are many other career opportunities. Some of those opportunities include:

  • Airline and commercial pilots
  • Air traffic controllers
  • Aviation education

Whether your dream is to work in aviation management, work with flight instructors, become a professional pilot, or work in air traffic control there is a program and path ready for you. With a bachelor's degree in aviation you take a large step in learning aviation safety, aviation flight technology, and aviation flight science to be ready to take to the skies.

You'll Have Access to Financial Aid.

Finally, one of the most enticing aspects of the IWU aviation degree option is that you may be eligible for financial aid. Flight school is a significant investment – and when you pursue training outside of a degree program, it’s hard to secure financial aid. However, when you’re enrolled in a degree program, you can use FAFSA benefits or access loans to offset your out-of-pocket costs.

Careers in aviation are in high demand – but the career path is often expensive and inflexible. If your dream is to become a pilot, we want to help you get there. The aviation degree programs through IWU can help you build experience and prepare you for a successful career, so don’t wait to pursue your goals. Apply at IWU today.

Rebecca Grissom

Copywriting and Marketing Assistant, IWU-National and Global

Rebecca Grissom is currently a junior at Indiana Wesleyan University pursuing degrees in Strategic Communications and Humanities. She is passionate about good books, good coffee, and telling stories. When she's not working, Rebecca enjoys time spent with her dogs, nature, and friends.

Jake Hreha

SEO Copywriter, IWU

Jake Hreha is a graduate of Ball State University, where he majored in advertising with a concentration in media presentation and design. He is passionate about design, and in his free time he enjoys cycling, traveling, and reading.

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