The Best Online Aviation Management Degree Program

The Best Online Aviation Management Degree Program

June 6, 2024 (Marion, In)—Indiana Wesleyan University’s (IWU) Aviation Management Bachelor’s degree was named fourth in the nation by TechGuide, ahead of Purdue University and Auburn University, topped only by two Texas schools and one school in New Mexico. This makes IWU the top university with an Aviation Management bachelor’s degree in the Midwest.

 Mark Johnson, the Aviation Program Coordinator and Adjunct Professor of Aviation was excited to see IWU’s program at the top of the charts. He said, “It is great to see our aviation program gaining recognition alongside some of the better-known institutions.”

IWU distinctly prepares students as professional pilots or leaders in aviation management through a faith-based education. While enrolled, students build flight hours in partnership with local flight schools during their pursuit of a four-year degree. Upon completion, students graduate with a FAA Commercial Certificate with a Single or Multi-Engine Land Class Rating, FAA Instrument Rating, FAA Certified Flight Instructor, and a bachelor’s degree from IWU.

Dr. Jon Kulaga, President of Indiana Wesleyan University, welcomes students seeking to build aviation skills while expanding their global perspective and impact through a Christ-centered community. He said, “We are grateful for the recognition our aviation program has received over the past several months, however, when I saw the criteria for our latest #4 ranking in the nation based on rigorous curriculum, expert faculty with real-world aviation experience, and the use of cutting-edge simulation technology, I was not surprised. Those are the elements that make up the very foundation of the program.” 

IWU’s aviation program offers both online and on-campus options of Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management, Associate of Science for Professional Pilot, Associate of Science in Aviation Operations, and Certificate of Commercial Aviator. Discover more about IWU’s aviation program at

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Celebrating the Achievement of Occupational Therapy Doctorate Graduates

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Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) is proud to announce recent accomplishments of three occupational therapy doctorate program graduates, highlighting their impactful capstone projects and contributions to the field of occupational therapy. Under the guidance and mentorship of Dr. Rachel Timmons, Doctoral Capstone Coordinator and various faculty mentors, these graduates have demonstrated