Online Degrees for Future Teachers

Teachers have the rare privilege of empowering future doctors, entrepreneurs, VPs, and more.

By: Bailey Gerber & Jake Hreha

Teachers have the rare privilege of empowering future doctors, entrepreneurs, VPs, and more. Your legacy could influence a powerful success story. If you’re passionate about becoming a teacher so you can make a lasting impact on the next generation, there are several pathways for achieving that dream. Whether you’re just starting your career journey, completing a degree you’ve already started, or making a change to a new field, these online teaching degree programs can help you make your goal a reality.

Completing a teaching degree online is a great format for many students. It allows for students to take classes from the comfort of their home and within their schedule. IWU's online teaching degree program is built so students are equipped with all the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the world of education. IWU's online programs are focused on providing a high quality education that meets your needs. Students enrolled in the online teaching program have the opportunity to get a teaching degree that sets them on a path for success in education.

Bachelor of Science: Early Childhood Education

Did you know you can complete a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education 100% online? No prior college credit or certification is necessary! This career is an especially good fit if you love working with kids and inspiring their curiosity at the youngest points of their development. High-quality early education is linked to positive long-term outcomes related to advanced education and general health. If this interests you the online degree for teaching might be a perfect fit for you.

An early childhood education program will teach you how to create a challenging, supportive learning environment for students. At IWU, we also make sure you get to work with students firsthand in a variety of childhood settings once you’ve completed your online requirements. IWU's online teaching degrees allow for students to get the same firsthand experience in student teaching. Your impact at such an early stage will influence how students view and respond to their educational career in the years to come.

Bachelor of Science: Integrative Studies

If you already have some college credit outside the field of education, it’s still possible for you to shift your course and become a teacher. A bachelor’s degree in integrative studies with a concentration in elementary teacher training and a minor in elementary education is one of the few degree pathways to K-6 licensure that doesn’t require an education major – and you can take all your courses online.

With this major, you can transfer previously earned credits toward your bachelor’s degree even if they aren’t related to education. This enables you to become a licensed teacher more quickly and jump into creating an exciting, innovative learning environment for students. IWU is one of few schools in the country to offer this accelerated pathway to licensure, and we make sure our graduates get plenty of hands-on experience creating lesson plans and observing classroom teachers to prepare for a successful teaching career.

Transition to Teaching Certificate

Did you already complete your bachelor’s degree in an entirely unrelated field? You’re not alone. Data shows that 34% of K-12 teachers are career changers – and 36% of them come from a business background. If you have a bachelor’s degree in any field, you can enroll in a Transition to Teaching (TTT) certificate program to prepare for licensure in any of the following concentrations:

The Transition to Teaching program offers career changers of any age or experience to make the jump to teaching. Whether you recently completed your bachelor's degree or it's been decades since you've been in school you can make the most of the Transition to Teaching program. Maybe a career in elementary education or special education is the next step for you.

It’s never too late to follow your passion. If you want to become an educator who inspires future generations and makes a lifelong impact on students, you can complete your TTT certificate through 100% online courses at IWU.*

At Indiana Wesleyan University, we pride ourselves on equipping students to follow their calling, no matter what challenges might stand in their way. Our online education programs can help you pursue a new teaching career or advance your current one. The online education degree might be an ideal fit for you. Check out all our degrees and certificates in education here.

*Candidates seeking licensure in states other than Indiana must first obtain their Indiana educator license and then seek licensure in their chosen state through possible reciprocity agreements. If a candidate should relocate to another state, transfer of the earned teaching license from IWU may be possible through a reciprocal agreement. It is the candidate’s responsibility to contact the residency state’s licensing agency for requirements.

Bailey Gerber

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