Connie Erpelding’s excitement for equipping ministry leaders and her gift of connecting with people are converging in her new role as Director of Development for Wesley Seminary. Erpelding made the move to Marion, Indiana from Cedar Falls, Iowa on May 10th and began working right away with a vision to connect with donors and cultivate funding opportunities in ways relevant to them.

Erpelding’s history with Indiana Wesleyan University stems from a 2014 conversation with her pastor at Prairie Lakes Church about Wesley Seminary’s opportunity to equip and educate ministry leaders. She was instrumental in seeing 54 ministry leaders graduate from Wesley Seminary because of their partnership.

In 2018, Wesley Seminary invited Erpelding to sit on their board of trustees and she became chair of the board. She led her last board meeting in April of 2024 as she transitions to staff status and a permanent presence at Wesley Seminary.  This was a bittersweet moment for her, as she enjoyed leading the board, but is ready to invest more fully at Wesley Seminary. She is embracing what she calls her “legacy season” and thinking about how God can use her to leave a lasting impact for his Kingdom.

Although leaving Prairie Lakes meant leaving behind strong connections with family and community, Erpelding is confident about the move. Both Connie and her husband, Ken, feel the move to Marion is God’s call and they are excited to settle in and make new connections. “I want to give all credit to God. This decision was very clear to me as a ‘both hands open,’ total relinquishment moment, or it was nothing at all,” Erpelding reflects. “And with that came just a sense of peace that made this the easiest decision.”

Wesley Seminary sees Erpelding as an answer to prayer and they are excited for the experience and point of connection she brings. Dr. Yamil Acevedo, Executive Vice President of Wesley Seminary stated, “Connie Erpelding's remarkable journey, from her extensive years working closely with church pastors and leaders to her extensive teaching experience at the Seminary and her distinguished leadership as chair of our board, makes her an exceptional addition to our team. We are certain that her visionary outlook will profoundly influence and extend the missional ministry legacy of our students doing Christ’s work around the globe. Connie's impact will undoubtedly resonate through our community and beyond, inspiring growth and excellence in our collective mission."

Discover ways you can begin your own “legacy season” with Wesley Seminary by studying as a ministry leader through one of the six ministry programs offered, or by donating to the exciting and ongoing work of Indiana Wesleyan University and Wesley Seminary. Learn more at https://seminary.indwes.edu/.

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