How to Overcome the Winter Blues

When winter comes around, I cannot wait for Christmas decorations, family time, and yummy holiday treats!

By: Lainey Nielsen & Jake Hreha

When winter comes around, I cannot wait for Christmas decorations, family time, and yummy holiday treats! But the cold weather and dark days can easily give me a case of the winter blues. Seasonal affective disorder, major depression, and sad symptoms are not uncommon in the winter months. Luckily, we have some tips on how you can beat these chilly, gloomy days.

Here are five ways you can beat the winter blues:

Create a book and movie list.

These frosty, winter days are a great time to make a book and movie list. Curl up with that new book you have been wanting to read or snuggle up with some cocoa and a classic movie. Books and movies are a fantastic way to bring joy and entertainment to this winter season.

Spend quality time with family and friends.

The people who care about you most will help to encourage you and provide a sense of comfort. Setting aside time to spend with your family and/or friends can help improve your winter blues. According to the Mayo Clinic, spending time with friends and family can help boost your happiness and reduce stress!

Turn up the tunes.

Studies show that music has the ability to improve your mood and bring more joy into your life. Music is easily accessible and you can choose what you prefer to listen to! Check out our Spotify playlist for some upbeat music to start your day.

Enjoy Light Therapy.

Spending time in the sunlight and time outdoors is a great way to curb your winter depression. We are often stuck indoors and devoid of the sunshine during the winter months. Our lack of light can lead to seasonal depression and take a toll on our mental health. We might not all have the luxury of traveling to warm, sunny places like Florida so alternatives like a light box are a great option. Light boxes provide a bright light that helps your circadian rhythm (your body's internal clock), can boost mood, and help with low energy levels. While natural sunlight is ideal, it's not always easy to access this natural light treatment.

Try something new.

Keeping your mind active with a new interest can help keep the winter blues away. Attempt a new recipe, make a vision board, volunteer locally, or enroll in a new certificate or degree program. Winter is a great time to jump into a new degree. The online programs at IWU are flexible with your pace and easy to fit in with your responsibilities.

You are not alone in facing the winter blues. There are still ways we can seek encouragement, joy, and fun amidst these chilly days! I hope these four ways to beat the winter blues are helpful to you. Tag us on social media (@iwuglobal) and show us how you are beating the winter blues this season.

Lainey Nielsen

Copywriting Assistant, IWU-National and Global

Lainey Nielsen is currently a Senior at IWU studying Strategic Communication and Business Administration. She is passionate about storytelling and building connections with others. Lainey enjoys being outdoors, exploring local coffee shops, and spending time with family and friends.

Jake Hreha

SEO Copywriter, IWU

Jake Hreha is a graduate of Ball State University, where he majored in advertising with a concentration in media presentation and design. He is passionate about design, and in his free time he enjoys cycling, traveling, and reading.

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