How to Create a Great Resume in 2024

As the job market continues to evolve, it is more important than ever to create a strong, effective resume that stands out from the competition.

By: Bailey Gerber & Jake Hreha

As the job market continues to evolve, it is more important than ever to create a strong, effective resume that stands out from the competition. Learning how to make a resume is a skill that will be valuable throughout your career. If you want to make a splash in 2024, there are several key strategies you can use to create a great resume that will leave an impact on potential employers:

1. Start with a compelling summary.

The first thing a potential employer will see is your resume objective or summary statement. This should be a brief and compelling overview of your skills, experience, and career goals, and it should be tailored to the specific job you want. Look at the job description to make your resume summary align with the job you are applying for.

Be sure to keep your summary to just a couple of sentences. Remember, hiring managers receive hundreds of applications, and your summary might be the only thing they read. Think of it as an elevator pitch for yourself. What do potential employers need to know about you? Here’s an example of an objective summary:

I am a highly motivated, deadline-driven young professional seeking to use my strong organizational and communication skills in a goal-oriented position. With a proven track record of meeting deadlines and managing tasks, I positively impact the organizations I serve.

2. Use keywords and phrases.

In 2024, many employers will use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to automatically scan and evaluate resumes. To ensure that your resume is not filtered out by these systems, use keywords and phrases that are relevant to the job and industry that you are applying for.

A great place to start is finding a specific job posting for a role you are interested in. When looking for a job don't be afraid of an unusual job title. Look at the job description carefully to understand what the role is and how your skills and relevant experience relate. Some companies will use unique names for job titles but the skills and description align with more common job titles.

Next, look at the job description to identify the technical skills and soft skills most important to the role. A hiring manager or an ATS will be looking for a resume that identifies those relevant skills. Most job seekers do not write a resume tailored to the specific job they are applying for, so this puts you a step above many job seekers.

You should never send the same resume to two different employers. Instead, start with a template and add keywords from the job listing to your summary, skills, and experience. It might be easier to create a resume for mass submission to various job sites – but you’ll get more attention if you take time to personalize each submission for a specific job.

3. Highlight your achievements and accomplishments.

Instead of simply listing your duties, use your resume to showcase your achievements and accomplishments. This could include any awards or recognition that you have received, as well as specific examples of how you have exceeded expectations or made a positive impact in your previous roles.

It is important to highlight the impact of your work and accomplishments when you write a resume. Employers are looking for people who have a history of positive outcomes. You can use your accomplishments and impact statements in your resume summary and cover letter.

You can even tailor your accomplishments in the employment history, volunteer work, and education section to the information in the job ad. By doing this, employers will understand what job related skills you posses.

Right resume format.

In all your achievements, accomplishments, and responsibilities, use active language and quantifiable details. Show hiring managers what you can do, not what your tasks are. For example, consider the difference in these two formats:

  • End-to-end marketing campaign creation
  • Create & oversee multimillion-dollar marketing campaigns

By framing each of your responsibilities and accomplishments intentionally, you can stand out among other applicants.

4. Make it visually appealing.

In 2024, a visually appealing resume is more important than ever. Use a clean and professional layout, and include plenty of white space to make your resume easy to read. Use bold or italicized text to highlight key points, and consider using bullet points or numbered lists to organize your information. Your headshot might make a first impression on hiring managers and subtly urge them to call you.

Your resume format is an important step in building a professional resume that stands out. You can start gaining ideas for your resume format with an online resume builder. A resume builder or resume template offers you the ability to create a functional resume that captures a hiring manager's attention. Learning how to make a resume that identifies your unique abilities is a skill that will be valuable throughout your career.

With the start of a new year, you may have aspirations for a new job and a fresh start. By following these strategies, you can create a great resume that will help you stand out from the competition and land your dream job in 2024 – and don’t forget to review these tips to help you prepare for impending job interviews.

Bailey Gerber

Content Creator, IWU-National and Global

Bailey Gerber is a vocabulary geek and grammar enthusiast at IWU-National and Global, so she spends most of her time writing and reviewing webpages, video scripts, flyers, and – of course – blog articles. She loves all things involving words, and in her spare time you’ll find her buried in a book (probably with a cup of coffee in hand).

Jake Hreha

SEO Copywriter, IWU

Jake Hreha is a graduate of Ball State University, where he majored in advertising with a concentration in media presentation and design. He is passionate about design, and in his free time he enjoys cycling, traveling, and reading.

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